I studied Art and Design in France ( Reims ). Before dedicating myself to illustration, I worked as a designer for cosmetic, fashion, cinema, theatre and the shows.

Drawing as always been a constant in my life as far as I can remember, and this passion finally caught up with me !
Today I live in Houston, TX with my husband and our 2 children, and focus my carrier as an Artist Painter and Illustrator. 
As an illustrator, I work for youth publishers, and  I specialize in the making of youth material publishing, posters, visual identity, theater set decoration, and orders on demand. 

My drawings often start with a story and then, imagination takes over.
 All my illustrations come to life as roughs and sketches and then I add colors. 
My favorite technique is mostly gouache (watercolor), sometimes with dry pastel.

I also work with children, creating with them « 4 hands painting ».
I draw with them, on their cute scribbles to extract dreamlike and fantasy characters and sets.